What are medication packs?

Medication packs are a week’s supply of medications put together in an organized way to help keep track of the day and time to take one’s pills.

Need help organizing your medication?

We can help to simplify and organize your prescription and non-prescription medications.  We offer a variety of compliance packaging such as blister packs and dosetts.  These services are free of charge, which means you pay the same as if your medications were provided in a vial.

If you would prefer a home visit to discuss how we can help you organize your medications just give us a call.  One of our pharmacists will be happy to come and show you the options we offer.

What is the advantage to using compliance packs?

Compliance packs allow you to manage all your medications in a way that is easy and convenient.  Using compliance packs helps you to take your medications correctly and with fewer missed doses.  Thus, helping you feel better, while avoiding medication side effects and drug interactions.

What is the difference between medications packs, blister packs, bubble packs, and compliance packs?

There’s no difference, these terms all mean the same thing.

How do I use compliance packs?

Compliance packs are labelled with the medication name, color, shape, date and time to be taken to reduce confusion and help prevent missed doses or double doses.

Who are compliance packs for?

People of any age can use compliance packs.  Also, it doesn’t matter how many medications you are taking. Whether you take 1 medication, 10 medications, or more, you can use compliance packs.